The Week from Hell

I never truly understood how much I was ready for change until holding on for dear life to survive this week. Do you ever have those days where everything makes you emotional, or where you’re paranoid that you did something wrong and everyone is plotting against you to end your life? Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, I didn’t think anyone was trying to lure me into a pit of snakes or douse me in gasoline, but honestly I was concerned. I guess it’s just that everything piled up, I mean the last two months have just consisted of me doing absolutely nothing because I was too stressed to even begin the giant list of things I had to get done. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to watch hours of Netflix instead of completing the impending pile of death work that awaits them? Well that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling the last couple months too! Anyways, I finally buckled down and got everything, and I mean everything, done. So twelve pages of essays, two ceramics bowls glazed (which reminds me that I need an entire blog devoted to my struggles in ceramics class), and an even greater hatred toward my fellow classmates than I already had later, I feel more accomplished than I have in a long while. I feel like this situation should have a great lesson that came out of it, but really the only word of advice that I have is to never underestimate the power of strong cups of coffee. Or the power of drinking about five cups of that strong coffee in a two hour sitting. Well, thanks for reading, whoever out there is. I hope that my somewhat success with ending procrastination can help all of you lazy Netflix binge-watchers out there! But, no judgement if you want to keep on keeping on. Netflix is pretty amazing.


Hello world!

Confessions of a Peacemaker is my way of expressing my thoughts and emotions. Since I was young, I was basically given the role of “peacemaker” in my family, meaning that I’ve been expected to help everyone with their problems and shove mine away. I have a hard time trusting people, and so I thought the best way to get over that is to throw myself out there and give complete strangers the lowdown on my life. I hope that my words can provide some solace to those going through hard times, and hopefully put a smile on your faces. I promise to be brutally honest, so go ahead, read away.